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What is the minimum and maximum age requirements for your summer camps?

The minimum age for 4 day camps is 7 and up. We typically see a maximum age of about age 13 for our summer camps although we do not set a maximum age rule. In our experience, we find that age is not a barrier to children enjoying the cooking activities at Bakers Buzzin'. Whenever necessary, campers are grouped by age although we find that this typically occurs naturally through the course of a camp week.

The minimum age for 3 day camps is rising Kindergartners ages 5 and up who will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. The maximum suggested age for 3 day camps is 10 years old. However, children older than 10 can participate, but please be aware that the camp pace will be geared towards children ages 5-10.

My child does not meet the age requirement for a camp. Can he/she still attend?

In some cases, children who do not meet the age requirement may be able to attend a camp at Bakers Buzzin'. Some example deciding factors include whether or not a child has attended an event or class at Bakers Buzzin' before, if they are attending with an older sibling and their maturity level to execute the recipes and activities of the camp. Please contact Bakers Buzzin' at (803)548-7979 to discuss this with a manager. Each request is considered on a case by case basis and any approval is at the discretion of a manager or owner.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

We do offer a 10% discount off any sibling camp tuition. You will see this discounted rate on the online enrollment screens or can be applied when you call Bakers Buzzin' directly.

What is included with camp tuition?

Enrollment includes all ingredients, supplies and cooking staff at Bakers Buzzin' for all recipes, skills and cooking challenges during your child's camp week. All campers will also receive a Bakers Buzzin’ Drawstring Backpack for bringing in plastic containers and taking their creations home each day.

What is the Camp Cancellation and Refund Policy?

Full payment for summer camps is required at the time of reservation.

Cancellations or switching camp more than 14 calendar days from the camp date:

Customers who fully cancel a summer camp more than 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled camp date will have their camp tuition refunded minus a 15% processing fee unless another summer camp is scheduled by the customer (strictly subject to availability). No additional fees are charged for cancellations or changes more than 14 calendar days from the camp date.

Cancellations or switching camp less than 14 calendar days from the camp date:

Customers who fully cancel a summer camp within 14 calendar days of the scheduled camp date will result in a loss of their full tuition. In the event of a full cancellation within 14 calendar days of a scheduled camp, we do permit substitutions. Please contact us in advance if you plan to substitute your child for another. Customers within the 14 calendar day window of the scheduled camp date who request to switch to an alternate camp week, can only be approved if we are able to fill that camp spot. If we are successful in filling the camp spot, a $20 per child camp change fee is required for the switch, but new date requests are strictly subject to availability.

No refunds or make up days for missed days of camp, early withdrawals, dismissals due to inappropriate conduct, illness, or non-camp related injuries. Summer camps cancelled by Bakers Buzzin’ for any reason will be fully refunded.

Do you offer extended care?

We are not offering extended care for the 2018 summer camp program.

Do you require a waiver form?

Yes. We require a signed liability waiver each camp week regardless of prior participation. We keep it handy for access to emergency phone numbers, allergy information, etc. You can download the liability waiver form here.  We have copies on site, but bringing it filled out will speed up the sign in process.

What do campers need to bring?

Please have campers bring 2 medium sized tupperware containers to camp each day with their names clearly marked. Food prepared by campers and not consumed at our kitchen will be sent home each camp day. We supply all equipment and ingredients for the cooking activities. Please do not bring any outside equipment as it will not be used.

Do I need to send in a snack?

Campers do get an opportunity to taste their creations at camp with the remainder brought home each day. Lunch or separate snacks will not be served. You can send your camper in with a packed snack and drink each day but it is not mandatory since we will be eating a variety of foods each day. We will need to inspect any snack that is sent in to ensure there are no nuts, peanuts or tree nuts. Please do not pack any snacks with these ingredients. No Nutella!


What is the check in and check out procedure?

Please check in and out with a staff member each morning and afternoon. Please do not drop your child off in the parking lot! Please escort your child safely into our facility. Children are not permitted to leave the facility if they see their pickup in the parking lot. Please come in and check your child out each day and notify a staff member.


What if I'm late picking up my child?

We ask that you please be prompt in picking up your child from camp each day. We understand that emergencies can happen so please contact us immediately if you anticipate being late with your pick up. If you are more than 10 minutes late to pick up from the end of the camp, you will then be charged $1.00 per minute payable at time of pick up. Thank you for understanding this important policy.

What should campers wear to our kitchen?

ALL CAMPERS MUST WEAR CLOSED TOE SHOES OR SNEAKERS. No flip flops, sandals or Crocs are permitted. Your child will not be able to participate without proper footwear. Campers should also dress appropriately for a cooking environment. Long hair must also be tied back. 

What is your sick policy?

For the health and safety of our students and staff, we ask that you not send your child to camp if he/she has or had a fever or diarrhea in the past 24 hours, has an active cough, frequently needs to blow their nose or has any other contagious illness.

What is your allergy policy?

We must be aware of all food allergies. We are primarily a nut free facility and do not bring peanuts or tree nuts into our facility. However, we can have ingredients in our recipes that may have been produced in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts or other allergens. If your child has any food allergies, we need to be aware of them and will discuss with you any concerns we have with recipes we plan to prepare with your children. It can be difficult to make omissions or substitutions in summer camps.

What is your Behavior and Disciplinary Policy?

Our Bakers Buzzin' instructors want to ensure that each child has a fun and rewarding cooking experience! If a child in attendance at any time is requiring an unreasonable amount of discipline due to disruptive behavior, the child will be removed from the camp activities and the parent or guardian will be contacted. No refunds will be provided.

What if my child is a picky eater?

We work very hard to use recipes that teach great skills, that children enjoy making and also enjoy tasting and sharing with all of you. There are times when we use ingredients or make a recipe that a child may say they do not like. We explain that chefs don’t always like every ingredient they cook with, but it is so great to learn to cook with a wide variety of ingredients. We cannot alter recipes based on an individual child’s preferences and ask that you discuss this with your child.