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Our Parties are the best around!! Birthday Fun AND a Life Lesson...Who Knew??
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Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can I invite?

Bakers Buzzin’ can accommodate larger parties but we do recommend maximums of 18-20 party children including the birthday child for most parties. If you would like to have more children than this, please feel free to give us a call and we can make recommendations on the best type of party for your larger group. When planning for your party counts, please remember to include the birthday child in your overall count.

I have less than 11 children. Is the cost of your parties less?

Every party at Bakers Buzzin’ is a private event with a minimum of 2 staff members working closely with the children for the entire party. We therefore cannot reduce the cost of the party even if you do not reach 11 participants. Please contact us about alternative ideas and suggestions for celebrating a birthday with us for a small group of children.

What is the minimum age for your parties?

We have accommodated parties for children as young as 2 turning 3 years old. This would be the youngest we recommend. For parties of very young children, we ask that parents stand with their children as our stools do not have backs to them. We work closely with parents to pick the best type of cooking party for the little ones with our pizza parlor party being the most popular for younger children.

Do you require a waiver form?

Yes. We require a liability waiver signed by each participant including the birthday child. We recommend that you either use our party invitations included on our party page of our website or include a printed copy of our liability waiver in your own invitations. This will expedite the sign in process. No child will be able to participate without a liability waiver signed. We ask that the parent of the birthday child help ensure that waivers are received for each guest as they arrive.

How early can we arrive to the party?

Please do not arrive to the party any sooner than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled birthday time. We need sufficient time to prepare and clean up from any prior event before you arrive. When you arrive you will have a space for any party favors and gifts and a manager will discuss and additional party details with you.

Do I need to tip the Bakers Buzzin’ Staff for my Birthday Party?

Your party will include multiple staff members who work very hard to make sure your child’s party is a fun and engaging experience for everyone in attendance. Gratuity is not included in the cost of the event but tipping is a great way to show your appreciation.

Can I bring decorations?

Our kitchen studio is bright and cheerful and additional decorations are not necessary. If you would like to bring any balloons, please keep them in the reception area only. We cannot have streamers, balloons or other decorations anywhere in the cooking areas.

How long is my party?

Your party will last from 1 1/2 hours to 2 1/2 hours depending on the party theme you choose. We give 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the party for putting on chef hats, aprons and for introductions. Then the cooking begins! Any guests that arrive late will be able to participate in the activity occurring at that time. We cannot hold up the party due to late guests because all parties must end within the scheduled timeframe. We often have additional parties occurring on the same day and need to prepare for the next event. Please adhere to your parties timeframe and assist in wrapping up the party on time.

Can I extend the length of my party?

Depending on several variables, there may be an opportunity to extend a party an additional half hour. This may be that you request gift opening or just some added time with family and friends. Our rate is $50 for an additional half hour but no cooking will occur during that time. If you are interested in extending your party for any reason, please notify us to discuss.

What do I do if someone that is not part of my invitee list joins the party?

Some adults bring siblings or other children to our parties and stay for the event. It is very difficult for us to police a sibling or other child that is not part of the event from attempting to join into our fun parties. We ask that you please notify us immediately if you notice any child participating in the party that should not be and we will help address the situation.

What if children do not show up to my child’s party?

We contact you approximately 5 days prior to your scheduled party date to get a final headcount. It is important to have an accurate headcount to ensure that we have sufficient supplies, ingredients and staff for your event. For parties in excess of 11 children, there is a no-show fee of 50% of the additional per guest rate.

What if a guest shows up to my child’s party that never RSVP’d?

This does happen on occasion and we will do our absolute best to accommodate that additional child. We do set up our parties for the confirmed number of children but we will quickly make adjustments as necessary to ensure everyone is able to enjoy the party. All guests over the 11 included in our party packages are and additional fee and depends one the party theme selected.

Do children share cooking and baking tasks?

We encourage sharing at our parties and each guest will have an opportunity to do a variety of tasks. Everyone will be able to do something, but not every child will get to do everything. For example, in a breakfast party every child will likely crack an egg if we are making an egg recipe. In a cupcake party, we only crack enough eggs to make the cupcake recipes so every child may not have an opportunity to crack an egg. Kids will have a great time working on a variety of tasks at our parties!

Can I bring in my own food to a party?

You cannot bring outside food due to the risk of introducing an allergen into our studio. With the permission of the host, adults can taste some of the food prepared by the children. Children do eat the food at the birthday party once it is prepared. Since the process of preparing the food can take some time, please encourage parents of younger children to eat a snack prior to arriving at a cooking party.

What should participants wear to our kitchen?

Children should wear closed-toe shoes and dress appropriately for a cooking environment. Socks are recommended and open-toed shoes, flip flops and Crocs are not permitted. Long hair must also be tied back. We will provide an apron to wear during the cooking class.

What is the Birthday Party cancellation policy?

A deposit is required at the time of birthday party reservations with the remainder due on the day of the event for the number of confirmed participants. 

Cancellations or rescheduling greater than 30 days from the event date:

Customers who fully cancel a birthday party greater than 30 days prior to the scheduled event will have their deposit and any other upfront fees refunded minus a 15% processing fee unless another party is scheduled by the customer (subject to availability). No additional fees are charged for cancellations or changes greater than 30 days from the event date.

Cancellations or rescheduling within 30 days from the event date:

Due to the increasing difficulty in re-booking parties within 30 days of a scheduled event, any parties that are fully cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled party date will result in the loss of any monies paid. If another date is scheduled, customers may be eligible to reapply 50% of their deposit towards the new date (subject to availability of a new date and manager discretion).

Can I bring party favors?

You can bring party favors but do not fill them with candy that includes any nuts, peanuts, tree nuts or peanut butter. We sell a beautiful apron for $6.00 that guests can wear and bring home with them at the end of the party as well as fun colorful chef hats for $6.00. These are excellent alternatives to goodie bags so please let us know if you are interested in purchasing them for your child’s party.

What if one of our guests has a food allergy?

If one of your guests has a nut or peanut allergy, you can inform them that we are primarily a nut free facility. We have made the conscious decision to not cook with peanuts or tree nuts to help prevent against potentially life threatening allergic reactions to these ingredients. However, we cannot guarantee that other ingredients in our studio were not produced in an environment containing peanuts or tree nuts. If a child has other food allergies, please have that parent contact our studio to discuss the recipes we will be preparing and if any accommodations can be made.

Can parents of guests stay and do I need to stay?

We encourage the parents of the birthday child to stay during the event and ask that you discuss any alternatives with us. Parents of children under the age of 5 must stay unless they have agreement from the birthday parents. We have some limited room for adults who stay at our studio during a party. However, we ask that parents keep any conversations to a low whisper when our instructors are speaking. In our kitchen, it can be very difficult for the children to hear us if there are loud conversations occurring from our visiting adults. Please also be mindful of the busy cooking environment when entering the kitchen area.