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2017 Family Gingerbread House Workshop enrollment is now open!

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Weekly Classes!

November 1st

Cheesy Mac & Cheese!

November 8th
& 9th

Pasta! Pasta! (Making fresh pasta!)

November 11th

Knife Skills (ages 9+)

November 16th

Tomato Soup! (Scratch soup and croutons!)

November 29th

Pan Sauces! (Saute' skills!)

December 6th 
& 7th

Christmas Cupcakes! (Scratch batters and frostings)

Kids Night Outs

November 11th


November 17th

Food! Phones! Fun!

December 1st

Holiday Cupcake Challenge!

December 8th

Gingerbread House Special!

December 15th and December 22nd

Polar Express!


Children. Love. Cooking.

Since 2013, we have been teaching children that cooking is fun, interesting, exciting and delicious! We encourage children to be excited about learning to cook and to follow recipes both here in our kitchen and at home.  We accomplish this by teaching with ingredients and equipment easily found at home and at the local grocery store and by focusing on recipes children actually want to make and eat. When we opened that September our lives and so many others were forever changed.

Just ask and we'll often tell you that we are not a culinary institute and we really don't claim to be one. We ensure that all of the staff love working with children and absolutely love to cook. We don't wear a fancy chef jackets or speak to kids in terms they wouldn't understand. We teach your kids how to cook and very often it's their first time. It's not uncommon for a child to crack their very first egg right here in our kitchen, and that's ok. We light up at the opportunity to introduce a new ingredient or skill to your children.

Oh, and we're parents too. We know you're busy. We know you are driving your kids around town from one activity to the next because we do it too. So we know that you might not have the time or patience to sit down with your children and teach them how to make a buttermilk biscuit or pancakes from scratch, a simple pie crust or scrambled eggs. We love teaching these classes because these are the skills that children need to know and it will stay with them for a lifetime. 

We want everyone to have a fun, rewarding and educational experience but you'll also find us making sure your kids are washing their hands and taking their apron off before they go to the bathroom. We tell them not to sneeze in their bowl of ingredients or eat the cookie dough that has raw eggs in it. We encourage wiping down tables, putting ingredients and equipment away, teamwork, collaboration, manners and so much more. We also encourage positivity because we know that a final product that might look like a mess to an adult, most likely looks like a masterpiece to your young aspiring chef. 

We have had the pleasure and privilege of cooking with thousands of children since we opened our doors. From classes, kids night outs and parties to field trips, scout events and family workshops, we know that each and every child who we cook with is different and unique and we love that. We have made so many friends over the years and we look forward to meeting you too. Please come and visit us to see for yourselves what we're all about. You and your children will not be disappointed.


Andrew Fisher
"Mr. Meatball"

Founder, Lead Instructor & Administration Manager


Leslie Fisher

Founder, Lead Instructor



Cooking Assistant 



Cooking Assistant 



Cooking Assistant